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Soleil Well

Red Light Therapy Panel - Small

Red Light Therapy Panel - Small

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Boost your skin's natural radiance with our Red Light Therapy Panel - Small. Perfect for travel and targeted treatments, our powerful yet compact panel features a convenient table top kickstand design. Experience the benefits of red light therapy for glowing, youthful-looking skin.

SoleilWell small panel is very powerful for a table top panel


4 Wavelengths  Red630/660/ NIR 830/850

118 Dual Chip LED

Lowe EMF and Flicker

3rd Party Tested

Door Mount Included


14 x 9 x 3

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clay Spencer
Wow... such a well engineered, well tested product!

I upgraded from an EMR-TEK device. This panel is wonderful, and Kelly provides great service. She tests each device individually to make sure it is performing according to her design specifications. If you're considering any other vendor, ask them if they test every single device they sell, and ask if their panel is made in China. Testing is very important given most red light devices are made in China.

Love it!

I truly love my light panel. I just bought another for a dear friend because it has helped my son’s psoriasis plaque and my daughter’s peri oral dermatitis so much. I know it is helping my mitochondrial function since my afternoon fatigue has lessened. Thanks for a great product!