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The Torch In stock and shipping

The Torch In stock and shipping

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As the ultimate solution for various health concerns, The Torch has become a cult favorite. With proven wavelengths and optimal power, this portable red light device is affordable and effective in treating multiple conditions. The safety to use in direct contact for full absorption makes the torch the best tool for your health.

Red + Near Infrared Hand-held 

5 Specific Wavelengths, (2 red 3 NIR) Based on Russian Research 

Intra nasal/oral/ear attachment

Battery Operated

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fabulous tool with a high-integrity seller

I'm in love. The torch adapter is epic for nasal passages and ears. Most of all, I know the color frequencies are correct. As promised, she tested them from the factory. When my device failed, she sent it back and worked on it until we got the right ones. I love this high-integrity, and I'll buy again. I love that she refuses to ship out products that don't meet the promise.

Valerie Alviar
Torched my pain away

Really effective and handy. Used it on my foot for plantar fascitis and relief is immediate.

Love this little portable wand!!!

I truly love this little portable wand! I'm so glad I purchased it! Thank you!

Tiffany Hibbert
Very Happy!!

Im happy to have received my redlight Torch and I have been using it daily on me and my husband. I feel its already helped my gut. I just shared a picture of me using the Torch to Facebook yesterday evening. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Mary Ann Downs
The torch is my must have

I bring it with me whenever I travel as airline travel can really affect me. I use it on my thyroid and the glands in my neck.
I recently have been challenged with vertigo and the torch is one of the things that really helps me. I am so appreciative for this product and Kelly's expertise.