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Soleil Well

Red Light Therapy Panel - Large

Red Light Therapy Panel - Large

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Enhance your performance and recovery with our top-quality Red Light Therapy Panel. Each panel is personally checked to meet strict wavelength and safety standards. Used by professional athletes, this panel utilizes red and near infrared light to boost melatonin production for better health and sleep.

SoleilWell Large Panel is one of the most powerful on the market


4 Wavelengths  Red 630/660/ NIR 830/850

352 Dual chip LED

Low EMF and Flicker

3rd Party Tested

Door Mount included 

29 x 9 x 3


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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The best panel in the market!

I have been using Kelly's large panel for a while now and I definitely believe it is the best panel in the market. The light is not overwhelming or too stimulating on the eyes, it is soothing & a beautiful blend of red & infrared wavelenghts.
My children instinctively gravitate to it when I have it on.
In my opinion, Kelly is the most informed person when it comes to the research on red light & its benefits to the human body & this is reflected in her panel.
A great investment in your health.

Cosmos Boekell

I've been using this panel since December 2023. It is a complete game-changer for healing one's self and thriving. I've added it as a compliment to quantum biology basics of circadian rhythm and sunlight. Highly recommend this high quality panel to anyone looking to use red light.

Martin S.
High quality & easy to use!

It's nice to know all the panels are thoroughly tested before shipping, so I feel I can trust the specs. I already feel a difference between Soleil red light products and my previous panels. Fantastic customer service, as well!